Below Absent Gods

by Acidrodent

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Arthur Hastings
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Arthur Hastings Suitably released on valentine's day, this EP seems the testament of the maturing passionate relationship between Smith and vocalist Zwaga, as hidden in plain sight at the end of Parasite Paradise. Sonically it’s another quality kick in the gut and adds a new shade of dark to acidrodents oeuvre. Favorite track: Failed Engineer's Adversary.
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released February 15, 2016

tSmith - programming, mixing, mastering, guitars
rZwaga - vocals
kRigheimer - bass and vocals on parasite paradise
additional guitar on below absent gods by frake



all rights reserved


Acidrodent Chicago, Illinois

Acidrodent isn't going to be friends with you.
Acidrodent contains no wisdom or ideas worth spreading.
Acidrodent has no worldview, ideology or human interest.
Acidrodent won't take any of your questions.
Acidrodent is a giant middle finger.
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Track Name: Below Absent Gods
Follow your demons, pick up your arms,
Reject every truth you know,
Obey commands!
Whose god is higher? Your holy ghosts!
Which ghoul needs satisfaction?
Whose prophets know?

10.000 years of slaughter, seas of blood
there is no victory below absent gods

Spreading your love with gun in hand
Are you the only one the joke is lost on?
All the faithful, joyful, triumphant
Marching straight into the pit of collosal bloodshed

Show me heaven, kill for god

Pages of gibberish, his words not yours
Excuses to ignore and break any laws
A war of puppets, that much is clear
Your imaginery friend, the puppeteer
Track Name: Parasite Paradise
All I need is what is inside of you
Once in my grasp I will know what to do
I'll suck you dry and leave you on the floor
And once the thirst returns I'm back for more

Parasite paradise,
Trust these eyes, eat the lies
Parasite paradise,
Sell your soul now say goodbye

I must start feeding, start believing I am here for you
The lie runs deep its how I creep into the core of you
I center in, I'm homing in and sink my filth inside
Your being gone and when I'm done no longer alive

Trust me, love me, save me, want me

Your will is conquered, my brand new slave
My latest conquest, so well behaved
Bown down before me, expose your flesh
Spread out before me, for me to bless

First the lie, then your mine
Track Name: Failed Engineer's Adversary
Transforming dirt into shit
Then decide to rule over excrement

Failed engineer
Your pathetic plan
Behold your ruin
The world of man

Cast your critics into sulfur
Blinded by ambitious pride
There are no lessons in your words
Your commandments all a lie
It begs the question
Did it ever stand a chance?
The splendid crown on your creation
A special monkey's arrogance

You thought you were so fucking special,
Watching from up high...

Back to the drawing board?
Your only option left?
Why not just turn your back?
Forget the embarrassment
The blind conductor
Inebriated manager
Your cathedrals tumbling down
You failed engineer

Failed again, again
Track Name: Kill List
I have no times for this...
Bleed out, I'll scratch you from my list

You're not much worth to me
You're just an urgency
Another victim of my inhumane ferocity

No time to pick up the pieces
No time to fill all the bags
Just gonna leave you scattered
Across the area
I have to reach my quota
My duties of the day
Work long into the night
The lonely hours tick away

An honest day of work
Fills me with joyful glee
Hopeful, my heartfelt wish
For tomorrow's list