of human toxicity

by Acidrodent

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jared unlike l.a. and nyc, chicago's current industrial scene is made up of grumpy old men. the grumpiest is t.smith from hugely under appreciated band mindfluxfuneral. his current output deserves your attention. combining old sludgy riffs that remind me of world demise era obituary and smooth dub step synths and the most misanthropic lyrics ive ever heard, acidrodent creates an acidic and raw album that i cant stop listening to. Favorite track: of human toxicity.
Arthur Hastings
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Arthur Hastings Gadzooks… It seems the collaboration with vocalist Roland has reached it’s comfort zone. The result - however - is not exactly aimed at making you feel comfortable (i usually console in a single malt and some Bryan Ferry if i am inclined towards gentler amusement). “Of human toxicity” is an apt title for this body of work that feels as an organic (aged beef obviously) compound with alien synthetic textures. Or we could just say this is a bloody good piece of industrial metal... Favorite track: bombs away.
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released April 1, 2015

Acidrodent is Tony Smith
Vocals by Roland Zwaga
Bass by Karen Righeimer
Background Vocals on "bombs away" by Karen Righeimer
Analog noises on "bombs away" by Prophei



all rights reserved


Acidrodent Chicago, Illinois

Acidrodent isn't going to be friends with you.
Acidrodent contains no wisdom or ideas worth spreading.
Acidrodent has no worldview, ideology or human interest.
Acidrodent won't take any of your questions.
Acidrodent is a giant middle finger.
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Track Name: bombs away
end of the line,
bombs away, bombs away

caution now don't drink the water
the poison is in everything
prepare yourself for living hell
the poison in everything

no more living, no more breathing, suffocating, life is wasting
tether broken, pain awoken, every word is left unspoken
dreams are fading, no more praying, all of earth is now decaying
holding on with every breath, the endresult is still your death

bombs away...

picking at your scabs, your skin no longer lasts,
the perfume of your flesh, a bitter smelling stench

take the pills, swallow them down
end the pain, swallow them down

the ever growing stain upon the planet is annihilated,
earth is covered with the bodies of the filth that has frustrated
the careful balance that took nature countless eons to instate
your killing ground the fertile soil on which it now invigorates

the final hours of the cleansing slowly crawl and feed on you,
still wide awake yet not able to scream for help or breathe anew,
rest assured is has no worth to try and fill your lungs again,
the oxygen you dearly crave now all is gone and so you're damned
Track Name: broken
The way you lift your hair
This way I fantasize
The way I blindly stare
This way you close your eyes
Far away yet oh so close
I dream a dreamers' tale
Your face, my overdose
Anything beyond this pales

I bide my time
I'll wait for you
You shall be mine
I'll be with you

I just serve my needs
Alone I play for keeps
Longing for your riches
There's nothing else to play with...

My lair cold and damp
Your perfect resting place
Is this inside my head?
I feel a warm embrace...
Don't ever touch me there!
Who are you? What is this?
Close these doll eyes or beware
This touch won't be a kiss

I bide my time
I'll wait for you
You shall be mine
I'll be with you

Bite my tongue just for the taste
My patience unrelenting
Sick and choking emptiness
The longing never ending
My price before me
I'm sitting in a gilded cage
Seek the questions in your eyes
The answers in my rage

Always my plaything ever more...
Always my plaything ever more...
Track Name: eater
I can smell the rain between your legs
Mixed with fragrances resulting from my acts
This earth swallows and breathes in your decay
I've tasted every part, lest they wasted away

We are one, we are God

Through my throat merged into divinity

Widening the holes
Digging through
Finding blessed artifacts
Constructs of blood and sinew
My palette is the temple
Where I call upon the heavens
Tasting saintly words
Sanctified, they live forever
Transcend this mortal coil
By devouring what's yours
Lift my soul
Now swallow whole

Find the Lord amongst the tissue
The light that shines within you
Thank you for your generous donation
Your flavors of salvation

We are now one, we are now God
Track Name: a troubled romance
Couldn't just be perfect
Couldn't just be mine
Watched you fall
Watched you faulter

I inject
White, pink to red

Longing for your stunted heart to be moved
Closed your eyes instead of open your arms

I inject
White, pink to red
Scratch, scar, then bleed...

The love inside of you, just the treasures of a thief

Brutal and hateful I plough through your eyes
Your face left in tatters, I remove your disguise
Digging through features, my knife finds its home
Shining towards me, the color of bone

Couldn't just be perfect
Couldn't just be mine
The culling of my affections
Called the start of your decline

I inject
White, pink to red
Scratch, scar, then bleed...
Gone, erased, and free
Squeeze, crush until
Gasp, freeze then still

You left me this empty and cold
No choice but to rekindle the flame
Now do just as you are told
As I take out what remains

I inject
White, pink to red
Scratch, scar, then bleed...
Gone, erased, and free
Squeeze, crush until
Gasp, freeze then still
Track Name: In praise of school shootings
Numb to the point of comatose
You turn off your regrets
Nothing in front, nothing behind
Rid of all the threats
Outside is ash, inside silent
With your bitterness
This world will pay with no delay
Bullets of unforgiveness
This rain will cleanse, wash away
Heal the human infection
Let them bleed, let them feel
Methods of redemption
Their faces white, open wide
Blind to the coming weather
You are the storm, you are the sun
Consume them alltogether

Broken machine
Until its clean

You feel nothing as you pass
Judgement and execution
Blurring eyes focus in time
In your bloodsoaked sessions
Its time for hate to invade
and dominate destruction
Articulate the voice that prays
For this liberation
You are the scribe for the bible
that dictates corruption
Angelic wings lift you up
As you complete perfection
The hymns are sung without grace
You just need ammunition
The final chapter opens up
End to your holy mission

You are the sun, you are the storm
Make them suffer, make them dread
what you offer, kill them dead

March through bodies, march through blood
Here comes the savior, comes the flood
Track Name: of human toxicity
flood these veins
the user's tastes
I need more of this

I found this potion to be perfect for my foul deeds
This concoction has potential to take over me
A pathway to the inner sanctum of my other me
The warmth it gives is of a nature yet unknown to me

distorted, disconnected, I am in pieces
I crawl away from this debris that was my former self

Invite the darkness in
Envelope everything
The static quiets down
Silence swarming all around

Unimagined demon form
Swimming out my walls
Ceiling folding in on me
Oh please stop this thing in me

My fingers melt in front of me
Translucent is my brain
Its colors shining out at me
I am one with everything

never coming down again
Track Name: close your eyes
In your darkest hour of your blackest day
Get it over with, open the vein
No sweet goodbyes, just a nameless grave
You're not worth it, cannot be saved

Grey upon grey, desensitized, left with emptiness
The road behind you riddled with dirt of your mistakes
Grinding to a halt its really for the best
There's nothing left for you but go to sleep and end the ache

Nobody cares
Just do it

Conscious through the terrors of your monotony
Sleepless nightmares, the endless litany
The will inside it leaves without a trace
Just like your heart, an abandoned place

Life's current is just too strong, your battle never ends
Just quit swimming let the waves carry you below
Tear up the letter, none will read your final words
Nobody wants to know the reasons for your hurt

Guilt is a tyrant
Close your eyes

Close your eyes...
Track Name: vomit me a river
Keep your shivers firmly hidden
The overload is close
The apex is forbidden
The apparition shows

Vomit me a river!
Vilest attempt...
Vomit me a river!
Your second death
Vomit a river!
Choking on yourself

All that you are a fucking piece of meat
All that you want is a piece of me
All that you are a fucking piece of meat
All that you want is a piece of me
All that you are a fucking piece of meat
All that you want is a piece of me
All you deserve comes out your throat
All your dreams are cast afloat

Calmly spewing forward
Your insides
Heaving and pleading
Your fucking lies
The stench unbearable
The sights are magical
Your lungs are almost full
Feel it burning, wonderful!

Vomit me a river!
Vilest attempt...
Vomit me a river!
Your second death

Begging for forgiveness
Crawling on your knees
It keeps on coming
There's no relief

Lost al bodily control
Your exits seem to explode
Red and black freely mixed
Irises white and transfixed
Teeth and mucus everywhere
Skin entangled in your hair
Stomach liquids nauseate
Bowel contents inundate
Track Name: bones under pressure
Silently screaming in your rusty iron tomb
Wordlessy praying for your end to be here soon

unveil, reveal, expose the rhymes
I sing the melodies of your demise

Too sick to protest my implements that grace your skin
Just tearful eyes that realize your predicament

Removing intubations, I strip away machinery
With every switch I watch you slip into eternity
Bones under pressure break into a thousand cracks
Your skull is pounding as it departs from your neck

Keep you on the threshold between the now and then
Balance on the very brink of your inevitable end

My fingers buried inside a bloody and distasteful mess
Looking at the state you're in still pleases me nonetheless
The crippled pile of human that once was you're pathetic shell
Now dripping on the floor of your stained and descecrated cell
Track Name: pyre
Salivating flames
You are the pyre
Now burn forever